Reusable cloth pads for menstruation and light incontinence

Moon Pads™ are washable pads made from premium cotton flannelette. Extremely soft and very beautiful, Moon Pads are double-stitched, not simply overlocked. They come in five sizes, each with the absorbency you'd expect from pads you're accustomed to. The larger pads fold origami style and unfold for quick drying. The wings clip underneath your knickers to hold them in place. Wear, soak, toss into your normal wash. A Moon Pad will last for at least five years (if it doesn't, we'll send you a replacement).

Using Moon Pads costs around one-quarter of the cost of using disposables.

We also sell a fantastic tampon alternative – the Lunette menstrual cup. A cup needs changing only a couple of times a day, even on heavy days, and can safely be worn overnight and while playing sport or swimming. A Lunette will last for up to 10 years.